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ARCPATH @ Joint Nordic Initiative on Arctic Research Annual Conference 2017

Seven ARCPATH team members attended this joint conference organised by NordForsk. It included participants from the four Nordic Centres of Excellence that were funded in the recent NordForsk Arctic Initiative, as well as representatives from the NordForsk Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Members from all the NCoEs presented their centres and the work in progress. The ARCPATH talks included a general overview of the whole project (Astrid Ogilvie and Yongqi Gao) and a specific outline of ARCPATH synthesis (Leslie King). Talks had been prepared by Yiguo Wang on "Recent developments of Norwegian Climate Prediction Model" and by Hoffman Cheung on "Assessing the Uncertainties of Northern Hemisphere Climate Projections: The Role of Sea-Surface Temperature and Arctic Sea-Ice Concentrations". However, these latter two presentations were not included due to lack of time. The conference concluded with meetings between the NordForsk SAB and the individual NCoEs. Yongqi Gao, Astrid Ogilvie, Kjetil Lygre and Leslie King attended the conversion with the NordForsk SAB on behalf of ARCPATH. On the whole, the Board was very favourable in its assessment of ARCPATH research to date.

The ARCPATH team in UmeƄ (from left to right): Edward Huijbens (SAI and University of Akureyri), Astrid Ogilvie (SAI), Hoffman Cheung (UoB), Yongqi Gao (NERSC), Leslie King (Royal Roads University), Kjetil Lygre (NERSC) and Yiguo Wang (NERSC).